Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brookdale July 17th

At Brookdale a painter does not need to look too far to find inspiration and mine was right around the first bend on the foot path. Tucked under the shade of a large drooping tree with branches that kissed the surface of the pond, I set up shop. Three pairs of fathers and sons passed by within minutes of each other, speaking of the big fish that got away and other long tales of giant splashes far off in the distance. An hour passed by quickly as I rushed to capture the colors dancing off the water when I heard a splashing ruckus in the lower right of the painting. Within minutes the area was teaming with carp all desperately sucking the surface for air. There must have been at least a dozen over foot long (no tale). I kept looking over my shoulder hoping for fisherman to come down the trail so that I could show them this secret spot, but none came and within a short time the carp disappeared. Not until I had packed up and returned to the parking lot did a threesome of fishermen arrive. I hope my directions and luck brought them a few good catches!

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